Narwhals Gone Wild

by Rickety Cricket

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released April 11, 2011

Jacob Tryba- Drums, screaming
Patrick Connery- Bass, Backup Vocals, Artwork
Taylor Sullivan- Vocals on, "Pruto!"
Nick Derella- Banner model
Ryan Motkowicz- Guitar, Vocals

Recorded, mixed and produced by Roger Lima, who also played some guitars and sang, at Moathouse in Gainesville, Florida.




Rickety Cricket Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: I Survived Fascist Camp
Another day another lecture you
can edit out any part of the picture if
it doesn’t fit your side, then it ain’t right
if we do it then it’s just fine

I’m not the one who’s the son of a gun here
I’m not the one who’s pulling my strings
you don’t own me I don’t owe you
anything or anyone or any combination of the two

whats the notion of liberation
from the bonds that hold us down
if we can’t even make a sound
aside from the chants
that are shoved down out throats
and we better watch out if we hit a wrong note

I’m not the one who’s out here having all the fun
I’m not the one talking us up and pushing us right down
oh I’m not the one who has the issues here
oh I’m not the one not the one not the one

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Track Name: Another Ride in Rejection Park
when I wake up in the morning and I'm feeling down
its the only thing that brings me back around

a cold sweat on my ash white face
yeah they're looking at me like I'm in the wrong place
well my tremors and stutter don't help my case that much
all I wanna do is run run run, but I can sit and take it until you're done so!
you can never call me anyway

should't let it drag me down so low
I know I know I know I know

I only hurt myself today
when I walked away I always walk away
from my troubles and my stresses and my growing up
the real worlds coming I'm not tough enough
because everybody's got their own big plans
but you're like a pancake in a pan
seems like a stretch to me hows that? And she laughed...

Pancakes are fucking good

When I go outside and we take our ride
and your smile's as big as those bright eyes
you're all the things I wanna see
you're all the things that I think I wanna be

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Track Name: I Dunno
Living like a kings for all these days
sucks I know it’s coming back in a big big way I’m
freaking out now freaking out now
cow-a-bunga dude don't have a fucking cow now

no fancy employment check
debts all I’m worth so it’s all that I get
my part in society is collection of interest

so I’ll run run run while I still fucking can
and I’ll slam these beer like a goddamn man
and we’ll burn Sharkey down to the fucking ground
and I thought I had this figured out
but I don’t

And I can’t really explain
why I feel the need to call other people names
if we’re all the same
why do I feel so left out and ashamed

in my room looking outside
at the shadows of feet as they all walk by
a thousand possibilities
wonder if they’re all as fucked as me

cause I know what I want but I can’t seem to get it
and I read all I can but I always forget it
and I’m drowning drowning drowning drowning drowning in these debts
and I thought I had this figured out but I don’t

I guess the smokers will smoke
and I guess the drinkers will drink
and the vegans won’t touch anything
that looks like fucking meat
and the losers like me will just sing our dumb songs

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Track Name: Shh!!!
I don't know what to do with this
I'm not quite sure just how to deal with it
I don't wanna sound like an idiot
but I'm finding myself more confused all the time

when it all goes down
will you be there next to me
now what I really wanna know
should I just drop it let it go
when it hits the fan
could I stand alone
now I know I don't wanna know

everybody's just standing around
and waiting for the answer to pop out at them
what's the need to stand in a crowd
asking the questions that everyone's asking

don't beat yourself up to much about it
don't worry about it I'll be fine
when it all goes down I know I'll survive
I'm prepared for the fight

I told you I told you
everything everything
I told you I told you
I'll be fine
cause when it all goes down that night
when I'll have to fight or flight
will you be there next to me?

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Track Name: Aynd Rand Fand
I'm not going to work today
it seems like nothing ever goes my way
living dreams yeah it's ok
if the money is good

I don't need you anymore
when the tax man's knocking at my door
and this world it don't mean much to me
so unless I'm getting paid
not wasting time
trying to save these lives tonight
to win this fight

passions burned out like a flame
whats the point of making better days
I'm not hangin' around this place
if no one's gonna stare
and tell me what I'm worth

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Track Name: I'm Not Crazy
Matt Wixon wrote the original of this, you should check him out. He's rad! Anyway…

My people should be your demise
cause if the world was right your house would be a parking lot
and I don't care whats fucking right
as long as it's my side because we can do no wrong

But you're half a world away and I'm sure that you have your reasons
and I'd hate to commit treason to my love logic and reason
and they'll call be a coward and a traitor and a poseur
but I still won't find any hate for you

Cause I'm not crazy I'm not crazy I'm not crazy I'm not crazy
so much for you
I'm not crazy I'm not crazy I'm not crazy I'm not crazy
Can't say so much about you

Oh how the heathens they conspire
against the holy truth that is me and you
with their sharp teeth and yellow flesh
they'll tear us all to bits if we don't take em out soon

But I know I am my very own
and I know just what it is I should condone
and I can see sometimes the only victim it isn't me
and they'll tell me I'm wrong but I know

I'm not crazy no I'm not
yeah all your hate wont make this stop
you've gotta find a better way to feel
when one falls down you pick em up
if you can't trust em' try your luck
you might just make this a better world
you might just find
you might just find

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Track Name: Handicapped for Life
Here I am sitting all alone with the dog
watching MSNBC reading time magazine
looking at life thinking about things
and how they'll never change

and you'll sit around and smoke a lot
I'd take a ride my bike is shot
I'm learning something no I'm not
there's 40 grand to watch the clock
if look at him is what you say
I'll turn around and run
cause I'm a stranger in my own damn mouth

I spent my whole life staring at the ceiling
waiting for someone to call
nobody ever calls
I'm handicapped for life you see
not living that life of fantasy
and thats all I'll ever know
some of us have nowhere else to go

Here I am sitting in this room
I don't know what the deal is do
you I could use some information
open source the situation let it all out
into a world where nothing is safe

Instead I'll wait in static state
for age to bring me what a day
where everything falls into place
now everything is fucking great!

I grow in only one dimension
thats just fact cause
I'm a coward in a brave new world

The voice in my head
drowns out my ears
it's the same same same same every year
whats new, nothings new
somethings gotta be new
I'm freaking out while you drink your beer

I'm never gonna know what to say to you.

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Track Name: Steal This Song, I Know I Did
I'll write a song in the key of B flat for you
since that's all I can seem to do
with the same damn words and progessions too
since thats all I can seem to use

this songs already been sung before
so many goddamn times
these aren't my chords and you can bet your ass
these aren't my lines

because everything I do
as already been done before
and everything I say
has already been sung before

by people much more talented than me
by people that I'll never get to be

so take me away
to a place where I won't sing no more
lock me away
in a place where I can't hear no more

things I can never write myself
sounds I can never make myself

I don't really care now
about the songs that you can't hear
because they're there and I know and I always will
till the day death takes my ears

you'll say that it's not that big of a deal
that no one can even tell
but plagiarism isn't what I had in mind
when I set this ship to sail

I've been here before
and every time it's jus the same
and I can't even tell
if I've moved forward at all

so don't just let me be
singing songs that I don't wanna sing

now this pencils getting heavy
I don't know if I can hold it anymore
I'm no great visionary, I'm just a stealing fucking whore
If I ever find my way I'll bring it back to
yeah it's just a lame excuse for everything you got me through

Because all i ever wanted was to be grater than the sheep around me
but if I give up right now will I ever even be something
or will I just stare at my screen, thinking of the fucking should bees
going to shows with all my heros knowing that I'll never be like them
but like I fucking said.

I just wanted to be something
no lies and no hypocrisy
but I've stumbled into a hole
that I can't seem to get out of

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Track Name: Pruto!
Hey there pluto you mean so much to me
you’ve been orbiting our thoughts since 1933
why can’t all these stupid scientists agree
that a planet needs a moon and you’ve got 3

Oh Pluto You’re Still a Planet to me
ever since that day in 1933

If Clyde was still alive he would probably die
after all that time he spent lookin’ in the sky
the noun became a verb the verb became your fate
I know that you’re still out there right after number 8!

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