Caliark/ Emperor

by Rickety Cricket

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released May 23, 2011




Rickety Cricket Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Caliark
saturday night
it's feelin' right
we're gonna wet our appetites for destruction
build it up tear it down
leave nothing the way it was found

when the wood gets shakin'
and my ear starts aching'
there's a fridge for booze
but not for your bacon
so come out
run around
melt your face off
don't forget to shout

so drop your bottle of wine
can't you see it's clear that we're running out of time
there's not much more to life than this
so drop your bottle of wine
cause it's time we find
the real root of this trip
just a room with four walls a roof and friends

mics falling through free air
heads hitting the floor
boots straight through the ceiling tiles
and all we want more more more

when the girls gets shakin'
and the bands start bakin'
in their vans of course
don't forget you donation
cause if you do we'll spit on you
and pull you straight through the door

so show up
or don't show up
we don't give a damn
if austerity's your own plan

so show up
or don't show up
we don't give a damn
you're probably the man
Track Name: I Don't Want to be an Emperor
I just wanna fade away
into eternity
some people wants explosions and fire baby
but that ain't me

oh I'm gonna leave my mark
where none can see
but I'm not worried
because someday of they'll see

cause I don't want to be an emperor
I don't even want a crown
all the things that people fight about me nothing to me now
so take your power and your palaces
and shove em up your ass

maybe something's wrong with me
but the king's lifestyle just doesn't make sense to me
sit on a throne oppress and kill
just seems so childish to me

I don't want no tv's boats and automobiles
just a place to sleep and some food to steal
yeah I know it's weird but the concept here
is that I don't want to be an emperor